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Emergency relief project partnership .... Please Join Us!

A Mother's Earth is helping an Afghan family of ten people and a new born baby escape from immediate and life-threatening danger. Afghanistan is the most dangerous place in the world to be a woman — it’s even more dangerous than being in combat. The Taliban has banned almost all education for women and girls, imposed punishments including public stoning, lashing, and amputation, and confined women to their homes unless they were escorted by a male family member, denying them access to most employment — or even a walk.

The mother of this family is a surgeon, a medical professor and a longtime advocate for women’s education — and she is now also a refugee, without home, livelihood or safety. They urgently need your support and friendship. Her daughters are doctors and medical students, and a new baby girl was born in August. Their very lives are threatened, because they are women and even worse in the eyes of the Taliban, educated women who want to work, and who speak out against the atrocities of the Taliban rule. 

It all began with a cowboy hat. We met the family through Vista 360°'s cowboy cultural exchange program in Central Asia. At the World Nomad Games in 2016, my brothers gave the father a cowboy hat as a gift from the U.S. team to the Afghan team. He emailed us five years later, when the Taliban took Kabul, begging to help his wife and daughters. 

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We have successfully gotten the family to Iran, where visas and time are running out. Iran is undergoing its own turmoil, and it is a frightening place to be as well. 

The next step is to get transit visas to Venezuela and onto Panama where they will be safe, and have 90 day tourists visas. This is all in motion! Power of Attorney papers have been sent to Iran, so the Panamanian lawyer can get the ball rolling.  I will personally sponsor the family in Panama, but the cost of lawyers, flights, rent and food is what we are looking to raise for this family while we arrange transits with the United Nations. 

The USA Embassy in Panama is the largest outside of the United States, and there they can apply for student visas for the University of Wyoming. UW has already agreed to grant them scholarships, if we can get them onto Wyoming soil. This can be a success story with your help!


This is Tawalla Saifi, she is studying medicine and wants to be an abdominal surgeon. She speaks English and is praying we can make this happen for her family. Her father was at the World Nomad Games where he met the USA team. 

A cowboy connection that save women's lives.

What we need is money for all of this. Moving 11 people from critical war zones is no easy task, and the funds are running low.

Consider making a tax deductible donation here by PayPal  or mail a check payable to

A Mother's Earth Inc. 

304 East Granite Ave. Bozeman MT 59718

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