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Cancer Thrivers: The APP

We are helping and supporting Breast Cancer Thrivers connect and find affordable options for CAM. Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM): Treatment Options for Breast Cancer Patients

Outdoor Meditation


Although many major insurers cover CAM treatment, some may not. Because of this, there may be a large out-of-pocket cost. You should make sure to investigate the type of CAM treatments you’re interested in and whether they’re covered and what is not covered, we are here to help!

Healthy Diet

Support for Women 

We can help cover these costs or connect you with a direct sponsor. We offer a network of support in your local community from the CAM treatments, to child care and housekeepers, supplements, nutrition and exercise guides, meditation and mind / body work, IV treatments,  and all organic non-inflammatory food delivery service to name a few. 

Group of Women


Breast Cancer thriving requires a village, and that is what we provide at A Mother's Earth Cancer Thrivers! Please stay tuned for the APP!

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